Monday, 3 November 2014

What I've been up to

Since I went awol for the month of October, I thought I'd do a little round up via my Instagram photos!

 photo 10691671_1483340195285379_813691787_n.jpg  photo 10693514_1488094281454889_980754130_n.jpg
At the beginning of October I started a pottery class with my best friend, Kirsti, which is based in the lovely cathedral quarter of Lincoln. We arrived a little early on the first week so we went for a stroll around as it was such a lovely evening! I'm hoping to do a post on our pottery class once I've made more pieces and glazed them!
 photo 644cf6a4-db2b-42a9-90aa-ea735e48f44a.jpg  photo 10706883_1495668824026444_625794135_n.jpg
This month I celebrated two very special occasions, the wedding of the lovely Paul and Lloyd which was such a beautiful, personal day and they both looked so happy! I also went to my cousins baby surprise baby shower to celebrate the newest member of our family who should be arriving any day now!
 photo 10724774_1491546817766902_1681633949_n.jpg  photo 10784963_296351217239446_1707704711_n.jpg
This month also featured my first night out in a long time with some of my favourite people to celebrate my new job which I start next week! And finally, after much debate (with myself...) about whether to grow my hair long or cut it, I decided to cut it all off and I love it :) That's pretty much all I've been up to in the past month, thanks for reading and I'll hopefully have a new post up next week!

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