Monday, 22 August 2011

Turning 20 ☆

Last Friday, actually the one before last (need to keep on top of this blogging marlarky), I turned 20. Eeeek. I did have a three day birthday celebration (or commiseration!) though, beginning with a meal at everyone's favourite chicken restaurant, Nando's with the friends on the Friday, went to see Super 8 and to the pub rather than a messy night out, as on Sunday I went to a 1940's day at Crich Tram Museum. And to top that all off I received some lovely presents including pretty classic penguin books, tea sets, an amazing R2D2 keyring and Pushing Daisies!

And with the money I received I'm hoping to splash out on this lovely radio that I've wanted for an actual age.
Maybe next time you will get a proper post!


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

welcome, hello, hi, bonjour, hola, cioa, guten tag ☆

I'm Laura, a 20 year old (just) aspiring editor currently studying english literature. I have a horrible memory and need to practice my "creative writing" hence this blog :)

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