Tuesday, 6 September 2011

In love... ☆

Yesterday I went to York for the very first time. I absolutely loved it and amongst the historical sights (unfortunately I have no photos as my camera decided it didn't like my memory card ARGH) we explored I also discovered a lovely shop called Joy which sells the loveliest clothes from Louche, featuring vintage style dresses, cute collars, full skirts and lovely coats.

We are planning a trip back to York in December for a little longer than a day (note to self: take multiple sd cards!) and I think its safe to say I know where I will be going when my student loan comes in....



  1. I love the clothes! Hopefully you remember your memory card next time haha xx

  2. Thanks :) I hope so too, York was very picturesque! Lx

  3. Small world. I found your blog via Yvestown, which I've followed for a while. I moved to the Uk from Hong Kong about a year and a half ago - and I happen to know Aleida from Louche myself! I used to live in the same neighbourhood as her and even have a few of her clothes. Thought the coincidence worth mentioning! All the best, Viv

  4. Love the owl jumper, the skirts and coats www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk


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